Workshop Program

1. EAAS program content

  • Astronomy scientific Session (The research are focused on Observational , Instrumentation, theoretical ,Computational and Data Science Astronomy & Astrophysics  fields)
  • Development of Astronomy in the region( Astronomy Education , Communication and Outreach, Cultural astronomy, Economical benefit of Astronomy)
  • Business Session (Discuss administrative issues related with the East Africa Astronomical society)
  • Panel Discussion (on challenges, opportunities of Astronomy  development  in the region and the way forward )

2. Sessions and thematic areas 

Session 1: Scientific research findings on Astronomy & Astrophysics

Thematic Areas:

  • Planetary Astronomy: Solar system , Near Earth objects and  Extra-solar system
  • Stellar Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Time-domain astronomy
  • Galactic, Extra Galactic & Interstellar Medium Astronomy
  • High energy astrophysics and astroparticles
  • Cosmology and distant Universe

Session 2:  Astronomy Education & Development

Thematic Areas:

  • Educational Activities and Professional Developments in Astronomy
  • Local language Usage of Astronomy in Curriculum and Text books ( such as Kiswahili Usage in Astronomy)

Session 3: Astronomy communication and Outreach

Thematic Areas:

  • Best Practices in Public Outreach
  • Challenges in communicating astronomy to the public

Session 4 : Astro-Tourism, Dark Sky , Cultural Astronomy and Heritages

Thematic Areas:

  • Cultural and Ethno-Astronomy
  • Astro-Tourism
  • Dark sky and light pollution

Session 5: Development of Astronomy and its Economical contribution in the region

Thematic Areas:

  • Astronomy for science and socio economic development
  • Astronomical instrumentation and infrastructure development (Optical and radio telescope development)
  • Data Science in Astronomy and its future prospect in supporting the economy( Big Data, Machine Learning and Image Analysis )
  • Status of Astronomy in boosting the regional development (capacity building, infrastructure development, etc)

Session 6: Panel Discussion

Thematic Areas:

  • Challenges and opportunities of Astronomy development in the region 

Session 7: Business Session

Administrative issues of EAAS and future plans

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