Dar es Salaam is the commercial City where major business activities are conducted. The biggest airport is located in Dar es salaam. Most International flights lands in Dar es salaam. Visitors can connect direct flights to Dodoma or they can take direct buses from Ubungo bus Terminal to Dodoma on daily basis. However, in case someone wants to stay in Dar es salam for a night or two there is nice and beautiful hotels in Dar es salaam.

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There is a vast network of safe and comfortable hotels adjacent to the conference venue in Dodoma. Accommodation rates range from US$ 30 – US$ 150 including bed and breakfast.

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You can reach Dodoma from across East African Region using buses, flights and railway line. There are many daily buses from Dar es Salaam. Driving time is seven to eight hours with a stop in Morogoro. Luxury buses leave from Ubungo around 06 am. The buses from Dar es Salaam and Dodoma are air conditioned and have more leg space. It will take you 7hrs to 8hrs using public buses from Dar es salaam to Dodoma. The fare ranges from $10 to $20 (Tsh 25,0000 – Tsh 45,000) depends on the nature of the bus. It advised to use Shabiby Buses to Dodoma.

There are buses to and from Arusha via Kondoa to the north as well as Singida and Mwanza. The road via Kondoa has been paved. The highway is known as the Great Northern Highway. There are also buses to and from Iringa. Travel time is about 4 hours on paved road. The road passes right over the Mtera Dam which is worth a look.

Dodoma is situated on the Central Railway Line which goes from Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza or Kigoma. If you are in a hurry the better choice is by bus. There is regular flights to Dodoma from Dar es salaam, Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza and Zanzibar. In case you want to travel outside Dodoma,

Tickets can be bought at the New Dodoma Hotel and Mission Aviation Fellowships’ MAF). There are small planes which fly throughout the country; they have a regular shuttle between Dodoma and Arusha every Monday and also fly regularly to Nairobi and Mbeya. It is also possible to join other flights.

The airport has recently been upgraded and is expected to see much more activity in the near future. Air Tanzania is operating daily flights from Dar es Salaam with their brand new Bombardier turboprop aircrafts. Prices from $80 -$175 (Tsh190,000 – Tsh400,000) depends on the class you are looking for. It will take you one hour from Dar es salaam to Dodoma using flights.

The common transports used by locals within the cities are minibuses commonly known as Daladalas, Bajajis (tuk-tuk), Bodabodas (motorcycles) and Taxis.

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